Lead vocalist : Wrote & Co Wrote songs for the Rock band Montrose . Includes "Warner bros. Presents Montrose" and "Jump On It" for Warner Bros. Toured throughout America and Canada with such bands as The Rolling Stones/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Peter Frampton and managed by Bill Graham in the 70's.

Writer for Cheap Trick on the song "Reach Out " on the movie soundtrack "Heavy Metal" Produced by Roy Thomas Baker(Of the Cars and Alice Cooper fame). Columbia Pictures and Ivan Reitman productions. Managed By Ken Adamany(Cheap tricks Manager) at the time.

Writer and Vocalist for Magnet on A&M records including Jerry Shirly of Humble Pie/Peter Wood of Year of the Cat and a great crue in New Jersy and A&M Records in New York at the House Of Music and Record Plant. Peter Frampton was Nice enough to let us record at his new home in Upstate new York. Managed By Danny Goldberg & Phil Dehaviland.

My simple but necessary business here includes:

  • Songs for Underscoring on Movie Soundtracks
  • Songs for Commercials (Underscore with Products I(WE) believe in)
  • Songs including my own, but not necessarily leaving out fantastic Co-writers I have worked with and will be working with in our future!
  • Songs that just simply work well with so many needs of business for a sales conclusion to a Musical background for your convenience without the unnecessary legal upgraded cost.

We are Logically Cost Effective! Promotion needs Songs, and we are here as a provider for your success in any business that considers Music for your needs.